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Always be kind

Care and look out for people

Respect your grown ups

Offer help when needed

Be mindful

Aim to be the best for you

Take everyone's feeling into account

Say nice words to others





We have a range of fun, skilled and life coaching classes for juniors from 5 years old.  Teaching pole, aerial hoop, aerial net, trapeze, gymnastic floor, beam, spring boards and so much more.  (aerial net and trapeze being fitted very soon)

If your child is interested in all of the classes above then they can become an ACRO-BAT.  Attending a 1 hour session per week.  They also learn our very important code of conduct.  

What we do?
We are a aerial arts health studio. We teach fun combinations of tricks, poses and moves on aerial hoop, trapeze and pole. We will also teach floor based moves... bridges, rolls, handstands and flips.

We will ensure your child learns our code of conduct, as we are learning them also about helping and supporting others, working as a team, being kind, trusting and friendly with our peers.

Aside from the activity of the class, we will also have an art time, drawing and relaxing. Learning how to be mindful and reducing anxiety and stress for young ones.

What will your young ones be doing?
All of the above. They will have fun, learn new skills, and meet new friends.

We will provide snacks and drinks. But they're welcome to bring their own.

You can stay for a 20 minutes on the first class to ensure they're happy and settled. We do have a reception area you can stay if you choose not to leave them, otherwise enjoy an hour of you time.

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