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Natalie Tilly Anne Smith

Its a fun way of losing weight. You will be very surprised in how your first class goes and what you can achieve. It's the only place I have never been judged and everyone is so loving and welcoming.


Bethany Mullineaux

Pole is a brilliant way to gain strength, work on coordination and to loose weight/gain muscle xx


Chloe Fishwick

I say all these things during every class. One week I won't be able to do something and a week/few weeks later when I do that move it's the most amazing feeling and it makes every week worth it even if at that time I doubted myself and felt like giving up xxx


Michaela Elizabeth

Everyone has been in the same situation and we are all so supportive of each other’s journeys.

We all have to start somewhere, none of us go in feeling like we don’t need to improve on anything and this is the most fun way to loose weight, gain strength and confidence and help you with coordination.

The cheers you get from the other people you’re learning with, when you finally get a move, are the icing on the cake xx


Kev Biermann

Male, female, big, small doesn't matter the pole community is amazing and so supportive you can be having the worst day and go to pole and the class and people pick you up so much its unreal. I've made so many friends from it.... #polefamily

Leonnie Wharton-Brown

I was absolutely terrified about attending my first class because I had no strength or coordination. I really didn't need to be though because I did so much in my first class. It is the best thing I ever did, everyone is so incredibly supportive, I feel comfortable being myself and having a go at everything. Sometimes you won't get it but a bit further down the road you will, and that is the BEST feeling ever.

I think it's really important to remember that everyone is on their own journey, so you can't compare yourself to others. Make sure you get videos and pictures so you can compare your own progress. You'll be amazed at what you can do


Sarah Precious

It gets harder…but it also gets easier! Do the moves you love and remember this is for YOU.


Laurita Galajeva

We all start as a beginner, as anything else in life its a learning experience, as well as much more fun than you'd think, and one of the biggest confidence boosters you have no idea what you and your body is capable of until you try it, it really surprises you.

Alicja Kos

Pole Dancing is exciting because there are always new moves to master. As soon as you’ve conquered one move, there is always another harder one to strive to achieve! Get the buzz of satisfaction as you achieve moves you never thought possible! xx

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